Mosaic Glue Paste 250g - GLU


Our multi-purpose glue paste has been specially formulated so it is ideal for Mosaic Glass Art. The glue paste is perfect for use with the Mandala Art Mosaic Glass Tile range; it can also be used with small ceramic tiles.

We have formulated this original multi-purpose paste so it can be used for indoor or outdoor applications and on almost all surfaces.

Note: The glue will stick to most surfaces with the right preparation. Suitable surfaces include: porous ceramics, terracotta, wood, vinyl, concrete or rubber. Not recommended to be used on smooth glass. Note: Surface preparation and sealing are essential. For best results Mandala Art highly recommends that all bases be sealed before application of this product.

The easy to use squeeze tube can be resealed; this allows the Artist to simply use it again and again. Make sure that the lid is fastened tightly to ensure the long life of the glue paste.

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