Kneadable Art Eraser - ER199


Quality, reliable and cost effective Kneadable Art Eraser. This soft, pliable eraser is designed to absorb (pick-up) drawing pigments and leave no residue ‘crumbs or dust’. Kneadable erasers remove pigments on top of the paper so that the surface underneath is not damaged. Use this soft eraser to correct and erase, to create highlights or for a reductive drawing. Suitable for charcoal, pencil and graphite media. To use, begin by ‘kneading’ and warming up the eraser with fingers – this will make it pliable. Shape eraser as desired. This kneadable eraser will hold its shape during use, which makes it great for erasing fine details, lines and strong edges.
Size: 38 x 43mm (8mm thick)

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